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Why the vaccine antibody testing or negative?

Release time:2017-05-09 Browse times:1690

Why the vaccine antibody testing or negative?
A: the vaccine or negative antibody detection may have the following reasons:
1 early detection time: immune antibody will be occur after 2-3 weeks, detection antibody in 4-6 weeks will more appropriate.
2 poor immunity animal can immunosuppressive diseases by malnutrition, infection, feed mildew, conditions, or certain drugs affect to the normal immune response, such as lead to no antibodies.
3 vaccine quality problems: poor quality of vaccine or transport save undeserved, can cause the vaccine failure or activity decline of the situation.Then no antibodies occur.
4 maternal antibodies: lactation piglet contained high drop tara source sex antibodies, the assembly and the vaccine antigens, affect the immune effect.